Artificial Grass Company in Coimbatore


Artificial Grass for Landscape

Artificial grass improves the aesthetics of your living environment. Landscaping is the design and maintenance of functional and aesthetically pleasant artificial grass for outdoor spaces in homes, workplaces, hotels, restaurants, villas, building complexes, and other similar settings. We specialize in creating customized landscape designs and themed gardens to bring calmness to your place. We offer creative designs, seamless integration, and exceptional customer service.

Indoors and outdoors
  • 1) Home, rooftop, balconies
  • 2) Club houses, jogging or walking tracks
  • 3) Hotels, resorts, shopping malls
  • 4) Road medians or traffic islands
  • 5) Golf courses and putting greens
  • 6) Kids play area
  • Artificial grass
  • 1) Needs no water, virtually no maintenance
  • 2) Fade-resistant, fire retardant
  • 3) All-purpose, all weather lawn
  • 4) Extremely fast water drainage
  • 5) Non-allergic and non toxic
  • 6) Certified lead free
  • Artificial Grass Sports Surface

    We provide huge artificial grass for sports areas like cricket, golf, football, tennis, hockey, volleyball badminton, basketball, etc. We offer artificial grass designs for indoor and outdoor surfaces at a very affordable price. We have installed many artificial grass in India along with synthetic tracks. We have a variety of artificial grass at a variable price.


    Artificial Grass Wall Fence

    Made In Europe

    1 ) Borders of Terrace Garden

    2) Park and Play grounds

    3) Wall Decorations

    4) Vertical Landscape

    Product Features
    • It is a modern grass fence system.
    • You want to give a natural look to your garden, cafe, workplace, home, etc.
    • The roll length of our products in 10m.
    • It is produced by applying UV protected PVC to hot-dip galvanized wires.

    Roll Width ( Height )

    100 - 120 - 150 - 200 CM

    Roll Length

    10 M

    Galvanized Wire Thickness

    Double Winding Wire 1,60 X 2=3,20 mm

    Grass Fibers

    UV reinforced PVC Grass


    B2 class flame retardant additive

    Grass Size